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Go the Distance...

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Running season is upon us. In Wisconsin, it doesn't feel much like it should be May next week, but it is.  Whether the weather cooperates with us or not, there seems to be lots of races popping up. The 5k has become such a popular race for veterans and beginning runners alike.  And with the tragedy that occurred in Boston a year ago, so many people are stepping up to add the marathon to their set of running goals as well.  

Whatever your race, I want to honor you and this season.  I encourage you to "Go the Distance" and wear your accomplishment (or goal) with pride with my new creations.  You can choose from styles that are available in both copper and silver, and the rounds are available in 14-karat gold-filled as well. Just search through the drop downs and pick your metal and distance choice.  Each one, is as unique as the person wearing it.  

So put on your Wire Delights, lace up your "Go Fasters" (as my Marine sons call them) and hit the road to "Go the Distance".  You can do it!  

*Any of these Runners will be on sale through the month of May.  


2014-04-27 19.53.22.jpg
Go the Distance-Rivet

Aren't these so cute?! For those of you who are marathon or half marathon runners, the rivet replaces the decimal point!  I can make these in silver with copper rivet as shown or the reverse as well. LOVE THESE! 

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Go the Distance
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Get up and run... and make sure your ears look cute while you do. These little cuties will do the trick.  You can choose from 14-karat gold-filled, silver or copper, round, oval or rectangular. Don't forget to choose your distance as well.  These are so little and light, you won't know you are wearing them.  

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