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Mom's Out on the Town

earringsGail NayesComment

There is a new movie that is coming out called, "Mom's Night Out" that I want to see.  It is about a stay-at-home mom who needs to dress up and do something fun.  It ends up disastrous, but funny.  When thinking about a name, I asked my daughter, Lydia and she came up with the name, "Out on the Town" and I was going to name it after a girl's name like I usually do, but then thought of that movie.  

Moms don't need to go out on the town and have a slap happy comedy drama of a night to get away and feel good. Sometimes all it takes is to put a cute pair of earrings on, even in your yoga pants and sweatshirt to run to the grocery store, to feel pretty. My mixed metal delights have that casual, but dressed up feel about them.  Peruse through my designs and find your perfect pair to wear when you are "out of the town" to have dinner and a movie or just running errands.   

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