Wire Delights

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the item in the picture the actual item I will be receiving?

The pictures are representative of the piece(s) you are purchasing. I make every effort to make the individual pieces as similar as possible to the item pictured, but because of the handmade nature of the jewelry, your piece may have some small variation that makes it unique.

How soon will I receive my Wire Delights?

Each order is generally processed within 5 business days. Though if there is a delay, we will surely get in touch to let you know when to expect your order to be shipped. 

What is your return and refund policy?

If you are unhappy with the product  contact me and we will work something out.  It is my desire for you to be completely delighted with your new Wire delights.

What if my delight tarnishes?

Since many of my pieces are made of silver and silver can oxidize and lose its shine, I include a Sunshine Polish cloth with each purchase to add that little extra shine when your delight gets dull.  If you don't have the cloth handy, but you have toothpaste, rub a little on the piece, rinse it off and dry and VOILA! Shiny once again.  

The oxidized pieces of both silver and copper are treated with Renaissance Wax to maintain the beautiful warm color. It won't hurt them to be polished with the Sunshine cloth as well.  

How do I request a custom piece? 

If there is a particular texture you want to a cuff or something "added" or changed to make your piece personalized, just fill out the contact form and I will get back to you to work out the details. If you want assurance as to the exact item you will be receiving before I ship it out, you can also request a photo and I will email a photo of your delight before it hits the mail.

*There is an automatic $5 custom design fee added to special requests. Also, expect to add 2 weeks for production time before your delight will be delivered.